Bo Welland is a rock and roll band comprised of Jack Reddon, Harry Reddon Jack Bulger, and John Wales. Native to Toronto, the band has played some of the most prestigious venues in the city from the Cameron House to the Horseshoe Tavern. The band is known for quality songwriting and high energy live shows. Influences include The Beatles, The Strokes, Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, Simon and Garfunkel, The Libertines, The Lumineers, and The Clash. The band's next album release is approaching, with two promo videos already available on YouTube

Vocals, Guitar / Jack Reddon
Guitar / Jack Bulger
Bass / John Wales
Drums / Harry Reddon


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March 13th marked the release of Montreal/Kingston/Toronto band Bo Welland’s self-titled debut. Up to this point, the band has been touring around Ontario and Quebec, playing loud shows for enthusiastic, rowdy audiences. In doing so, they’ve definitely accumulated a loyal fanbase within local student populations. This five song EP is a slacker rock romp that definitely showcases what’s to love about the group.

I think the vibe of Bo Welland is best summed up in a video the band made to accompany the EP’s first single, “Rampage,” cut together from a variety of clips from the band’s January tour. One thing is easy to see: these four dudes are making fun music and having fun doing it. Drummer Alex Spears had similar things to say about the EP: “The vibe is goofy and fun. Something we pride ourselves on is not taking ourselves too seriously.”

The album has some strong similarities to The Fratellis and the Kooks, bands we all listened to many moons ago, with the same dance-worthy high energy post-punk vibes. Two songs specifically, “Honesty in Ecstasy” and “You’ve Got it Goin’ On,” follow in this tradition, right down to the party-boy lyrics. For me, the standout song on the album is “Wind in Greece.” Right off the bat, the guitar lays down a clean riff that solidly anchors the song. Another nice touch on this track is the addition of piano, filling out the lower end of the sound. The composition on “Wind in Greece” is amongst the strongest on the EP, and the driving drum beat that starts off the song kept me bobbing my head ‘til the end.

“Rampage” does a good job of capturing the rip-roaring spirit of the band’s live performances. For a debut release, it definitely stays very true to the band’s sound and lays the foundation for bigger and better things to come. When asked what’s next for the band, Spears says the plan is to release another set of recordings and keep refining their high-energy live show. The fact that band members live in different cities means that it takes longer to work on new material, but given the strength of their debut recordings, it seems like a very feasible plan. For those living in the Toronto/Montreal/Kingston area, these upcoming gigs will be something you won’t want to miss out on.

– Review by Nora Duffy


Queen's journal

After Eisen had warmed up the crowd, Bo Welland — boasting three of their four bandmembers as Queen’s students — took the stage. The group played their signature mix of punk-inflected folk rock, while ramping up the energy among the assembled friends and music fans.

Not new to playing at Queen’s or Clark, the band’s set was a mixture of newer songs that showcased their softer, more melodic side before moving on to a rock-heavy second half of the set.

Drummer Alex Spears said the last two songs they performed were recorded and going up on Apple Music and other platforms within the next week.

“We also performed two songs that we learned with Alex earlier today,” bassist John Wales said. “We are hoping to record these new songs and work on something big with them in the future.”

Muga tunes

Here's a smaller band at Queen's University with great stage presence, catchy riffs, and melodies that get stuck between your ears. Still attending university while playing shows in Ontario and Quebec, there's nowhere to go but upwards for Bo Welland. Check out one of their setlist staples "You've Got it Going On." 

The riff. The transitions. The songwriting. The talent. The Strokes and their influence leaking out of every bar. Bo Welland is the one who's "got it going on," check them out in Montreal, Kingston, Toronto or on Soundcloud. These guys have some serious talent, worth a couple listens.


Queen's Journal

Following O’Halloran was the four-man group, Bo Welland. These guys boasted a playlist of original songs, entertaining the crowd with their grunge-rock attitude. Shortly after taking the stage, the crowd started to form around the band with encouragement from lead singer Jack Reddon, whose mantra “chairs fucking suck” demanded dancing instead of sitting.

The band’s solid set made it clear that this wasn’t their first rodeo. The group didn’t shy away from the crowd, even leaving the stage to dance with the audience at times.

The group seemed very much at home on stage as they calmly downed beers and cracked jokes in between songs. For their last number, Bo Welland gave the crowd a sneak peek of their upcoming EP with a high-paced track titled ‘Rampage’

You can catch these guys playing all over Ontario and Quebec, and rumour has it they’ll be back playing in Kingston this March.